Toady’s Workout Plan

First, before we start a new client we do a fitness assessment and ask lifestyle questions along with a body fat test, measurement of 9 different areas, and of course, body weight. Once we have all that information, we can design a program based on each clients’ individual goals. Toady’s goals were to become healthier and to begin jogging. She would like to possibly run a 10 K or maybe perform a triathlon. Toady, however, has a knee injury, and right arm and shoulder injury I need to work with. My recommendation for Toady was not to start jogging right away. She should instead begin walking and doing other forms of exercise where she could maintain a heart rate level between 70% – 80% of her maximum heart rate, for one hour each day if possible, to reduce her body weight. She should also weight train 3-4 days a week to maintain her muscle mass which will help her lower her body fat percentage, and lose weight. Toady needs to reduce her body weight and strengthen the muscles around her knees for better support of the knee joint. By maintaining muscle mass, while losing weight, and keeping the core muscles strong, Toady would have a better foundation in which to start a running program. This program will reduce her chances of injury and increase her chances of meeting her goals.