7 Week Challenge Winners(edit)

Between July 21 and September 8, 2008 we did yet another 7 Week Challenge with our clients. Each of our trainers set goals for any client who wanted to take part in this, and each of the winners split a grand total of $300.

This time the winners are:

1. Austin Lee

2. Connie Hiatt

3. Mary Wade

4. Marcie Peoples

5. Larry Peoples

6. Maria Christina Ceniceros

7. Mark Hutton

8. Matt Baumann

9. Kyle Jackson

10. Dominick Santos

11. Kendall Darney

12.Donna Russo

13. Ed Fry

14. Mary Walsh

15. Ericka Rivera

16. Gabriella Martinez

17. Gabriel Frias

18. Claudia Arrua

19. Stephanie Russo


These men and women all worked very hard to meet their goals and all deserve recognition for their achievements .


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