Morning Exercise

     Many people do not exercise because they feel they just don’t have the time. This is a common excuse and there is nothing you can do about surprise plans. For some people even if they have the time in the evening they just feel too physically and mentally drained from their day that the energy to exercise just isn’t in them. However, and easy solution is to just exercise in the morning. It’s just that simple.

     Now, for some that thought has probably crossed your mind but quickly dismissed because after a hard day and a tough time getting to sleep why would you want to lose even more sleep by waking up early and wasting your energy before the day starts? Well, morning exercise actually has the opposite effect of that.  Morning exercise wakes the body up faster and keeps it awake and alert for the day ahead, contrary to what most people believe.  Also, exercise has been thought by some people to drain the body of energy when it makes you more energetic and raises your metabolism, which is why it will help you sleep much better that night rather than if you were to workout in the evening.

     Because you are workout in the morning you have more energy and no other surprise plans to interfere with your afternoon/evening which means much more consistency which means faster results. Consistently exercising will increase your metabolism which will also help make your actual workouts even more effective. And your morning workout really doesn’t have to be much other than a jog around the block, or a couple of blocks if you are that committed.   

     If you still are not convinced you can wake up early, try this: cut back on TV time and set your alarm clock back. Does that mean you will miss your favourite show that night? Well, that’s what TiVo is for.