Healthy Fast Food? That is what I am talking about!!

Every now and then we are busy and out-and-about. It may be that we are running errands, attending appointments, or more frequently with the holiday season, shopping for gifts for our loved ones. One major concern of mine and of a lot of people is that we get hungry while doing all of this running around. It isn’t always easy to find a quick AND healthy meal for yourself that you will not feel guilty about. With the holiday season, we already have plenty of opportunities to over eat and it is usually with foods that are typically high in saturated fats, sugar, sodium, and cholesterol. So, do we really need to add to a potentially unhealthy situation by eating fast foods that are usually horrible for our bodies? I think not. That is why I am always looking for a quick and healthy way to sustain myself while I am on the go.

The other day my wife and I were out -and-about in West Los Angeles. Of course, as usual, we got rather hungry and needed to stop for some lunch. Luckily, we were able to spot a new place that sparked our interests simply because of the name. “My Fit Foods,” is the name of the place and we were really excited to see what there was to eat.  The place seemed very welcoming. Immediately upon entering we were greeting by a helpful and cheerful staff member that informed us all about what My Fit Foods was about. She let us  know that all the foods were already pre-portioned to recommended serving sizes so that you wouldn’t eat too much food for whatever entrée you decided to consume. The staff member informed us that there were vegetarian meals available which was definitely desirable because my wife and I try to eat mostly vegetables even though we don’t consider ourselves “vegan.” My Fit Foods also claims that their foods are “diabetic friendly, and that there are dairy, gluten, and soy free meals available as well.”

So when you go to pick your food, there are several refrigerators all lined toward the back of the store where you are free to grab the meal of your choice with different sections and labels for different tastes. So you choose your meal, and then take it to the checkout counter to make your purchase. After you make your purchase a helpful staff member will heat your meal for you. It is really quick and really easy. Then you either enjoy your food right there or take it to go.

My wife and I ordered a butternut squash soup that was spicy and tasted amazing! We also had a spicy egg plant dish with kale and a side of mashed sweet potatoes and another dish with a variety of vegetables served with quinoa. We then topped it off with a serving of  apple and celery slices with almond butter. To say the least my wife and I were very pleased to find such a quick and tasty selection of food. Now I know that there are many people out there that are not vegetarian so don’t be put off by the selection of foods that my wife and I chose. Trust me; there are plenty of entrees that provide beef, chicken, fish, pork, and turkey as well. I cannot cover everything in this blog. You have to check out their menu and website at I believe that they could accommodate any taste in healthy and timely manner. That is what we are looking for when we are out and about right? We want food that won’t have us feeling unhealthy or guilty and in a quick and timely manner because we are busy people.

The only disadvantages of this place, if you see them as disadvantages, are that I only saw a couple of things labeled as “organic” and I didn’t see any “Non-GMO” or “Not-treated-with-hormone/antibiotic” labels either. The microwaving to heat the meals might put some people off too. But other than these, I highly recommend trying My Fit Foods.

So far, there are three locations for My Fit Foods in southern California and a fourth one coming soon if it isn’t already open. There is one in Hermosa Beach, Torrance, The one in  Santa Monica on Wilshire and Barrington (where my wife and I went), and one coming soon to West Hollywood. Stop in and try My Fit Foods for yourself. I did and I love the place. Hopefully they open more of these restaurants all over so that I can have an easier time getting healthy meals when I am on the go. [youtube=]

-Erasmo of Fitness Results