All You Need to Know About Kangoo Jumps

Kevin Guardado NSCA-CPT

If you haven’t heard of Kangoo Jump Shoes, and your training has been falling a little flat, then you may want to jump start your new training program with one of the biggest breakthroughs in fitness. Kangoo Jumps are relatively new here in the States and they’re starting to get a big amount of traction with its many uses and benefits. Originally redesigned by Swiss entrepreneur Denis Naville, Kangoo Jumps provide a comfortable, challenging and fun way to work out! There are a lot of benefits that the Kangoo Jumps have to offer, such as improving cardiovascular health with maintain lean muscle mass, increased joint protection and injury prevention. These are some of the major ones, all of which have scientific research to back its claims. Additional information can be found at their website (

Due to the nature of their design, Kangoos encourage proper posture and joint alignment in order to maintain balance and coordination. In order to land properly, the jump shoes assures ideal posture by forcing your foot placement to be in the best possible angle, which is directly under the pelvic girdle. Properties that are identified as “Proprioceptive” is necessary to assure proper balance. Proprioceptive activity is defined as stimulating the spine and harmonizing all of the mechanoreceptors located in your extremity. Kangoo Jumps assure that optimum “balance” occurs in a safe and effective manner for individuals of all ages and activity levels.

For those trying to build lean muscle mass while keeping your body fat levels low, Kangoo Jumps work exceptionally well because they provide an increased G-Force (gravitational load) up to 4 times your body weight on your muscles, joints and bones. This means it stimulates muscular growth, which is the only aerobic exercise to do that. N.A.S.A. does a lot of research when it comes to maintaining or improving lean muscle mass. Within only 2 weeks of stay in outer space, astronauts lose as much as 15% of their bone and muscle mass, as a result of the absence of gravity. Consequently, N.A.S.A. had to investigate how to reverse the process. Finally their studies came to the conclusion that “rebound exercise is the most effective and efficient form of exercise ever devised by man!” This of course is an extremely strong statement, and a copy of their study can be found here.

Kangoo Jumps provide joint and impact protection due to its rebounding springs. With their patented Impact Protection System, Kangoos reduce up to 80% of impact which can save your hips, knees and ankles from the constant wear and tear from jogging, running, jumping and other high-impact activities. They also play a huge factor in rehabilitation and injury prevention. It limits the risk of aggravating joint damage from overuse injuries, allowing you to work out more frequently with less limitations. It also is proven to increase bone and muscle density, and strengthens tissue around the joints.

Another important benefit that the Kangoo Jumps provide are its effect on the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system circulates fluid between our cells, working to regulate metabolism, remove harmful toxins and reacting to an immune response. Since it doesn’t require the heart to pump its fluid, it requires our movements, circulation and breathing to move the fluid throughout our body. If we don’t move, the toxins accumulate in our bodies and poisons our cells. After a while, the lymph fluid crystalizes into cellulite, which as we all know is very hard to remove. Rebound exercise such as the Kangoos work to recirculate the lymphatic system due to its constant up and down movements. Due to its recirculation it can now regulate metabolism more efficiently, which will burn extra calories throughout the day and put your metabolism back into balance.

The best part of it all is that Kangoo Jumps are extremely fun and addicting, making it that much easier to get in shape and keep the weight off. These are just a few of its major benefits, but all of this means nothing unless you try it out for yourself. Visit the Fitness Results website for additional info on our Kangoo Jump Classes that we offer as well as pricing for your own pair of Kangoo Jump Shoes! Have fun getting fit!