Planned Eating on a Budget

By: Yvette Patterson

I’m a coupon clipper so you can imagine how difficult it can be to spend a few extra dollars on a healthy alternative, when there is no coupon involved.  Good nutrition goes hand in hand with training and exercise …or at least it should.  Try to remember the time and energy you put into creating your healthy body when you grocery shop.  How important is good nutrion to you?  The more important good nutrition rates to you the more you will be willing to spend a little extra on eating right.  Would you agree spending money on things you enjoy or feel passionate about is easy to do?  Figure out for yourself how much extra money you are willing to spend on nutrition dense food.  If your normal grocery bill is $100 a week would an extra $20 break the bank?

Along with a few extra bucks you also need to be willing to spend a little extra time in planning.  Before heading to the grocery store plan out your meals for the week.  Check your pantry and then write out a grocery list based on what you will need to accomplish the meals you planned.    Remember that convenience items like pre-cut veggies typically will increase your expenses.  Be ready to wash, peal and chop your fruits and veggies when you return from the store.  A little extra prep will go a long way in helping you achieve more nutritious eating.  Watch the prices between organic and conventional produce, you will be surprised that sometimes the difference is a few cents.  It’s worth spending the extra

organic produce

money on organic  produce when is available.  Pay attention to the season of produce, sales are better when produce is in its peak season,
buy lots, wash and freeze it for later.  As for proteins they too have a cycle typically every 4-5 weeks you will find chicken breast, pork loin, lean ground beef, etc on sale so stock up and freeze.  I personally try to purchase my meats and dairy all-natural, hormone free because I am a Mom to 3 great kids who do not need any extra help in their growth cycle!  Cereals and some grains also have their own sale cycle typically 4 months so if you have the room, stock up for savings.  Some would say invest in a freezer but I don’t think its necessary since the sale cycles are so frequent.  A freezer may cost you more in usage than the savings you generate depending on the age of the unit.

If your confused on what foods are nutritious hire a nutritionist or talk to your trainer at fitness results.  By hiring a trainer or More