Balance Log Information

    The Balance Log is a program that has a vast and accurate log of thousands of different foods and drinks to help you keep track of your diet plan. This allows you to know how many calories you are consuming and the nutritional value of the foods including protein, fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fiber and several vitamins and minerals. The two main components of the program are the Meal Log and the Nutrient Analysis. The meal log is a log of foods that are consumed throughout that day according to what you eat in your diet. The nutrient analysis is a general overview of the nutrition facts of your diet including what you ate versus what your diet goal is.

     Below are just a few examples of some diets that have been used, but the diet program can be tailored to fit your every specific condition. These show the ease of good dieting and can easily help be knowlegeable and in control of our diet lifestyle. Make sure to check back for more diets soon.

          Meal Log 1                   Nutrient Analysis 1

          Meal Log 2                   Nutrient Analysis 2    

          Meal Log 3                   Nutrient Analysis 3     

          Meal Log 4                   Nutrient Analysis 4