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Stretch And Roll

With Foam Rollers!

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Think about it! Like eating our vegetables, we know it is good for us, but many of us don’t eat it daily. Same thing with stretching, where we know it is good for all of us, however it is likely many of us don’t do it daily either. 

Why is that? Many of us run and see improvements in how far we can go or how fast we can do 400m or we can go to the gym and see how much more we lift now compared to when we first started. But how do we measure flexibility? Rather than strict numbers, we can see it affect performance, in the way that the more limber we are, the more fluid our body moves as opposed to a stiff one. So don’t think that we’re crazy for having a class just for stretching. It’s that important. It affects running by keeping muscles from tightening and aids in good form when lifting at the gym. Plus, stretching helps you with those squats.

Strech and Roll


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