Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


Lance McCullough

Lance McCullough is a certified personal trainer and owner of Fitness Results gym in Upland, established in 1994. He found his passion in weight training which led to many weight lifting titles as well as the 1998 AAU World Bench Press Championship with a world record lift. In addition to his personal training clientele, he employs other personal trainers who have completed the Fitness Results internship program run in conjunction with a local community college.


ACE – Personal Trainer – TRX Trainer

Ace is  a personal trainer who strives to bring the best out of his clients. He was born and raised in California and resides locally in Upland. He prides himself on being available for his clients anytime they need him or need that extra kick to get back on track. If you are looking for a trainer to give you a great work out while educating you  and give you that extra push, Ace is a great choice.

Michelle was born and raised in California, and has always had a passion for health and fitness.  She has always been active. In high school she swam and played volleyball, and out of high school she enjoys working out,  and hiking, camping and anything outdoors.  She has a great positive personality and will push you to be the best you. She is committed to helping you stay on track,  get results and make sure you feel your best.


Julio – TRX and Personal Trainer – TRX Suspension Trainer

Julio Reyes, a Mount San Antonio College student, has invariably been involved in sports.  He particularly enjoyed soccer and basketball in high school.  As a Kinesiology major, Julio is constantly looking for ways to better himself as a trainer to improve the outcome of his clients. He specializes in weight training,  performance and corrective exercise. With his enthusiastic and positive personality, Julio motivates his clients by setting goals, providing feedback, and providing education. He will push his clients to be the best they could be in the gym! He believes it is important to not only grow externally, but internally as well.  “I want to help my Clients become the strongest version of themselves, i want them to experience muscle growth and experience strength”

A Kangoo jumps enthusiast that will be sure to give you a great workout. 



Delacey is a licensed esthetician who specializes in medical esthetic services. Delacey graduated in 2010 from “The College of International Esthetics” in Denver, CO. The school focused on medical services such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

“I truly love what I do, and am fascinated by ingredients and the science behind them. My goal is to help people understand their skin and skincare products. I have seen a lot of misleading information within the industry and I understand how confusing it can be.”