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Kangoo Jumps

Whether you are an avid jogger, a serious runner or a casual health-conscious exerciser, you will quickly appreciate the incredible number of benefits that Kangoo Jumps provide! With the Kangoo Jumps, you engage more muscles while reducing the impact placed on your joints by up to 80%, as opposed to running and other high-impact activities.

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Research published by NASA as well as the Journal of Applied Physiology supports the increased benefits of rebound training when improving cardiovascular health and reducing risk of injury. Research also shows that the Kangoo Jumps can offer superior results with fewer risks than running.

Not only do Kangoo Jumps provide many benefits, but they are also very easy and safe to use. There is very little to no learning curve to using them and are the easiest and funnest way to do cardio! They would be perfect to use on your morning jog around the block, in your living room or even for a run along the beach. The possibilities are endless! Kangoo Jumps can be purchased at the Fitness Results store located within the Gym. Buy your own or rent a pair to join us for our Kangoo Jump Fit Classes!

Available as 30 minute or 1 hour classes

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