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Lance McCullough, Class of 1981

Lance McCullough Class of '81
Lance McCullough
Owner – Fitness Results

 Lance McCullough ’81, certified personal trainer and owner of Fitness Results gym in Upland, found his passion for weight training as a freshman at CHS playing on the football team. Looking back, Lance remembers his teammates bench pressing 135 lbs. as they had older brothers to work out with. Because he had no experience with weight training, Lance tried to bench press the maximum and was disappointed with the results. Determined to learn, Lance began frequent weight training with positive results. Weight training became his passion, and led to many weight lifting titles as well as the 1998 AAU World Bench Press Championship with a world record lift.

In 1994 Lance opened his personal training gym, Fitness Results, with the goal of helping others achieve their personal fitness goals, which range from weight loss to body sculpting and increasing strength and increasing overall health. Today Lance and his staff of certified trainers (including Jill Caldwell ’83) offers personal training, boot camp and Pilates.

CHS alumni are currently training with Lance and Jill include

  • Nancy DeDiemar Jones ’63 and her husband Patrick. Nancy and Patrick began training in October 2009; by August 2010 they had lost weight (Nancy 58 lbs, Patrick 74 lbs), lowered their body fat by 12% and cut 20 inches off their combined waistlines. Both are now wearing the same size clothes as high school. Recently retired after transitioning their printing business to a new owner, Nancy and Patrick continue to train with Lance to enhance their health, maintain fitness, and continue with weight loss.
  • Gary ’65 and Sue Olinger Ovitt ’65. “We started training with Fitness Results in February 2011 and are so happy to have found them. Staff and clients make for a very pleasant training experience,” says Sue. In the first year, Gary reached his goals for weight loss (28 lbs.) and body fat (6% decrease), decreased his waist by 6 inches, and increased his muscle mass by 10 lbs. Sue lost 30 lbs. and now wears a size 6. “We credit Nancy DeDiemar for introducing us to Lance, Jill and Rodney. We like being guided by Chaffey grads Lance and Jill and exercising with other Tigers such as Mike Milhiser’74 and Nancy and Patrick Jones,” said Sue.
  • Mike Milhiser ’74. Mike started training in early 2011 and has lost a total of 25 lbs.
  • Richard ’56 and Kathy Omlin Briggs ’60. Kathy and Richard train with Jill to increase their health and fitness.

Other Tigers who have trained at Fitness Results include Ken McCullough ’56 (who is also Lance’s dad), Dorothy Estabrook Brown ’56, and Nelda Smothers Crandall ‘56 (Lance’s mom).

Lance stays abreast of health-related research to help those who train with him. He notes that a 2011 study of the effect of exercise on cognition conducted at the University of Iowa showed that “aerobic exercise improves ability to coordinate multiple things, long term planning and your ability to stay on a task for extended periods . . .resistance training, improves your ability to focus amid distracters. . . the hippocampus area of the brain, key for memory formation, shrinks 1% to2% per year in those older than 60, but when people this age group begin fitness regimens, it grows by 1% to 2% instead.”  For more information on Fitness Results, including photos of the gym, Lance and Jill, visit

Gary and Sue Olinger Ovitt both Class of '65

Patrick and Nancy DeDiemar Jones class '63
Patrick and Nancy train at Fitness Results