Loose Weight …Yes “Loose”

By Yvette Patterson & excerpt from www.fitnessresults.com 


The idea of this makes me laugh because a large group of people actually Google the term “loose weight.”  The definition of loose is “not firmly or tightly fixed into place; detached or able to be detached.”  The verb for loose is “set free, release.”  Yes that is what we want to do right; set the weight free, release it from our existence.  I’d like for the weight to be so loose it falls off because it’s not tightly fixed in place.  Well guess what?, weight is looser than you think and with the right program of weight training, healthy eating choices and determination it can be permanent.

I have used many trainers throughout the years but it was not until I trained with Lance McCullough at Fitness Results that I finally started to see real results in my body, energy and overall health.  Lance and his trainers at Fitness Results educate their clients about weight training and healthy choices.  With a little education you can be on your way to loose weight to be lost forever!

Here is some information to ponder from the trainers at Fitness Results:


Why Losing Weight Isn’t Enough

When you lose weight, the scale and your clothes size will change but you may not be improving your Body Mass Index (BMI).  BMI, is the percentage of your total body weight that is fat.  So although losing weight is great its the BMI that is a much better measure of overall health and fitness than the scale.

Weight loss is made up of equal parts of fat and muscle.  When you lose weight by cutting calorie intake without simultaneously training, your setting yourself up for failure down the road.  Now follow this, if you are not in a weight training program, you will not maintain muscle.  If you do not maintain muscle and lose weight due to reduced calorie intake, your body can actually have a higher percentage of fat than before your diet began.  Since this can happen over and over in your lifetime; when you consciously lose pounds without weight training, you can literally diet yourself into obesity .

So how do you change the process so your losing equal amounts of muscle and fat?  Weight training!  Stimulate muscle development with resistance weight training.  Weight training has two benefits; it decrease body fat percentage and build calories burned.  The extra muscle you build continually burns calories, which increases your metabolic rate and helps you keep unwanted weight off.

Yes you can lose weight by diet alone but to have lasting weight loss you must add in exercise.  To get the most benefit from your diet and exercise routine make sure weight training is a main component .

Fitness Results emphasizes improved BMI with a carefully prescribed, low-key program of weight training, aerobics and nutrition. If you’ve been frustrated with the results of programs you’ve tried in the past, we can guarantee that your experience at Fitness Results will be different. Work with us and watch your body finally respond.