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30 minute body

30 Minute Body

The 30 Minute Body book is based on the facts of proven success that three 30 minute weight training workouts a week combined with a sensible diet, can and will allow you to achieve your health and fitness dreams without feeling constantly beat up and sore while relieving the added stress of doing endless hours of cardio.

The knowledge in this book was gleaned by world champion bench press lifter Lance McCullough, who has conducted over 100,000 personal training sessions as a certified personal trainer. From his competition days, he learned what kinds of regiments worked for both him and his competitors. As a personal trainer, he has learned what works for all kinds of people, from youth and seniors, professionals and amateur athletes, the aging, baby boomers, Gen Xers, Millenials and more! All of the information learned from all of his experiences, combined with the science and art of training put together to create this unique health and fitness program that is quick, safe, efficient and effective.

Nothing Held Back!

This book reveals all of his personal training secrets and stories of past client experiences that has helped him perfect and grow his personal training system that is based on common sense training methods that you do not usually hear about or are presented in a confusing or unclear manner. His goal in putting all of his secrets into this book is to teach you everything you need to know to achieve your fitness goals in a clear language that makes sense.

Secrets will be revealed on what truly does work and why it contradicts what you have been told by the health and fitness industry that is keeping you from achieving your dream body.

What will you learn?

  • How surprisingly easy it is to achieve a great body image, health and fitness with very little time
  • How to lose the unwanted weight and realize a leaner more toned and healthy attractive maintained body
  • Simple and effective diets and nutritional strategies based on your personality and lifestyle that will work for you if you apply them for both men and women
  • How to do a quick, safe, fun, effective and efficient weight training exercise program that works equally well among both men and women of all ages
    Different types of cardiovascular exercise programs and how each will affect your body differently, and help you understand which cardiovascular exercise program will be the best for your goals, and why most traditional program will actually contributing to your unhappiness with your body image and the way you feel.
  • The proper mental attitude and the importance of having it.
  • How to regain your youthfulness at any age and how to live a more fulfilling life.
  • Different sources of information and how to know the difference between good information and bad.
  • Flexibility, supplements, injury prevention and rehab, how muscles and your energy systems work.
  • Everything you need to know to achieve the kind of body you always have dreamed of, in a common sense and easy to understand way.

You finally have the right information to take control of your dreams!

Now is the best time to get started!!


Now is the best time to get started!!

Lance McCullough

Lance McCullough

Following high school, Lance continued weight training, adding more dedication to his hard work. The result was rising to compete nationally and internationally as a weight lifter. In 1998 Lance won the Amateur Athletic Union World Bench Press Championship, and set a new world record.

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