3 Day Workout

By: Yvette Patterson

A good 3 day weight workout is the platform in which any person can build on.  Lance McCullough from Fitness Results Upland put together a superb 3 day workout plan you can use at whatever gym you attend.

If you have never lifted before use light weight to begin for a good 1-2 weeks then slowly increase the pounds on each exercise.  Its good practice to keep a workout journal to track your progress.  The journal should include the exercise, how many sets you accomplished, the amount of repetitions in each set, plus the pounds lifted.  It is also important to include daily notes on how your body is responding to the workout; from things like too sore, not sore at all or just felt great.

Lastly, its important to feed the muscles with good lean protein within 30 minutes after your workout is complete.  Water is also important to your bodies recovery.  Fueling your body with a healthy meal after a workout will go a long way in help your body respond better the next time you hit the gym.

3 Day Workout (in order)

Day 1 Exercise Set Rep
  Chest Press *1 + 3 8 – 15
  Incline Dumbbell 3 8 – 15
  Lateral Pull Down *1 + 3 8 – 15
  Low Row 3 8 – 15
  High Row 3 8 – 15
Day 2      
  Leg Press 4 working up to  7-10 20 – 10

Start with lower weight and more reps then move up to more weight with less reps

  Leg Extension 3 – 4 10 – 15
  Leg Curl 3 – 4 10 – 15
Day 3      
  Dumbbell Shoulder Press *1 + 3 8 – 15
  Dumbbell Side Lateral 3 10 – 15
  Dumbbell Deltoid Fly 3 10 – 15

*First set is a warm up; very light weight

Enjoy the workout and remember to follow us for more workouts you can do from home, on vacation  or when your in a time crunch.  Happy Lifting!