Chest Press – Flat Bench Regular Grip

Chest Flat Bench Press

Starting Position

Chest Press Flat Bench Press Regular Grip
Chest – Bench Press Regular Grip
  • Lie on the bench, back flat
  • Hold bar with the hands approximately shoulder width apart
  • Hands must be equal distance from the center of the bar
  • Lift the bar from the supports holding over the upper portion of the chest

Downward Movement

Chest – Bench Press Downward Movement
  • Lower the bar slowly with the elbows out until it touches the chest
  • Keep wrists rigid, the forearms perpendicular to the floor and parallel to each other.  The grip width will determine how parallel the forearms are to each other.

Upward Movement

  • Extended the arms straight up to complete the exercise
  • DO NOT forcefully lock the elbows
  • DO NOT arch the lower back or lift the buttocks from the original position

Targeted Muscle:  Chest