December 12, 2009

For several months now, I have been in fitness training with Lance. Here is a summary of my perspective on what he has done for me, as well as an evaluation of the Fitness Results facility.

Lance is extremely professional in his approach. Not only does he encourage me to go beyond what I initially thought I might do, but he shows me exactly how to lift a weight, handle a piece of equipment properly, or deal with movements and stretches so as not to produce injury.

Lance takes a sincere interest in the progress of his clients and I feel that concern as we work together. He has helped me to challenge myself and stay positive about the progress I am making. Although he leads me to do more and better, I never sense that I have failed if I haven’t yet met all expectations. I am with him three days a week and as a result have become considerably stronger. Since I am 77, I’m surprised at how far I have come in a relatively short time.

Fitness Results is an ideal place for such individualized training, since the gym is not so large that one could be distracted or interrupted by other clients. It houses all the necessary equipment for various performance levels.

I recommend Lance McCullough without reservation. Anyone fortunate enough to sign up with him will, I am confident, be pleased with the results.

–Worth George